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Taxi and transfer services
reservations in Montenegro

Lucrative rates, easy payment, professional drivers

Meeting With
a Nameplate
of All Types

It’s easy!


Lucrative Rates

Our prices are among the lowest in Montenegro. When you reserve a taxi with us you do not have to pay extra to private taxi drivers at airports.



You book a taxi in advance, and you can be sure that the driver will meet you at the airport of Tivat or Podgorica, the rate will be fixed and the trip will be comfortable.



The driver will meet you at the airport of Tivat or Podgorica with a plate, bearing your name. We monitor your flight on the arrival board. If it's delayed we will find out and meet you right on time.



We use new cars. All the drivers are experienced professionals who know Montenegro well. If you travel with kids we'll provide children’s car seats or boosters.


Customer Care

The driver will help you with your bags before and after the trip. If you are not sure about the address in Montenegro, just ask your driver to call the hotel or apartment, and they will find it out for you.


All Types of Cars

Travelling with a company? You can save money if you book a minivan or a minibus. It can easily accommodate up to 19 people.

Forget about private taxi drivers
with their exorbitant rates!

Book a taxi in advance in Montenegro and make sure to enjoy lucrative rates, safe travel with a professional driver and any help along the way.

We provide comfortable cars for 4-19 passengers that can accommodate the whole company together with its luggage.

Choose Transfer
Denis Ushakov

I’ve booked a taxi in advance several times already and it’s very convenient. I used to bargain with local taxi drivers at Tivat airport. It was annoying and the price was still higher than if you book online.


Thank you for your transfer services! The driver was amazing; he met me at the airport with my nameplate, helped me with my luggage and during the trip acted like a guide, talking about local places of interest. We really enjoyed it. We booked our return trip in advance as well.


I fly regularly, and the rates were a revelation. From Tivat airoport to Bar the price should be 50 Euro top, but the private drivers ask for 100 and are reluctant to go any lower. During high season it’s impossible to have a discount. Sometimes when you get there they ask even more, like, because there was a traffic jam. Taxi Montenegro is a great help — I always know that the driver will be waiting for me, will help me with my luggage and the price will be the same as on the website.

Andrey Efstafiyev

We booked transfer services via Taxi Montenegro from Splendid Hotel. It was 1,5 times cheaper than we were told at the hotel. By the time we had to leave the driver had been already waiting. We arrived at the airport on time and paid a reasonable price. I liked it and am going to do the same in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
about transfer services in Montenegro

Travel advisory

Most people feel stressed when they have to get ready for a trip in a hurry. They all start thinking about things that can be useful during a business trip or vacation. Save this advisory, and it will help you to stay calm and remember the most important things.

Make copies of personal documentation

Before you start packing, make sure that your passport information in your travel documents is provided correctly. Make copies of all yours and you kids’ documents. Scan passports, invitations, accommodation vouchers, driving permits and even bank cards. Don’t forget to take extra photos for documentation. You can need all of this if there is a problem or if you lose your original documents. Keep copies apart from the originals.

Order a taxi

If you want to easily get to the hotel in a foreign city - use taxi services. You can order a car upon arrival. It will arrive while you're getting your luggage and going through passport control. It will be less expensive than using a taxi that offers its services at the airport or railway station.

Pack your clothes

In a hurry we often pack lots of unnecessary clothes that we never wear during the trip. To avoid this follow the following recommendations:

  • Decide the number of pieces of underwear
  • Pack only seasonal clothes
  • Pack comfortable clothes
  • As for shoes you will need a pair of slippers and an extra pair of shoes (also seasonal) just in case.

If you are going on a business trip with official meetings and late night outings, not a vacation, make sure you pack a classic suit or a cocktail dress. Those travellers who go on business trips quite often should pack an extra bag with all the necessary things. It should have personal hygiene products, underwear, socks and a clean shirt or blouse.

Check your travel documents

Before you leave your house make sure you have all the necessary documents:

  • Passport
  • Medical insurance
  • Money (most of it should be on your credit card, the rest should be in cash for petty expenditures)
  • Airplane or train tickets
  • Hotel voucher

These things should not be kept in the bag with clothes. If you travel to a different city or abroad by plane, you will have to check in your luggage. If it gets lost you won’t be able to check in at the hotel. That is why it's wise to keep your documents in your carry-on bag.

Gadgets and means of communication

You can take your laptop, camera and cell phone on a business trip. Don’t forget to pack charges and, as soon as you get a chance, recharge all your gadgets. It’s a simple rule that will help you to always be available. Don’t forget to buy credit for your cell phone and, if you are abroad, to turn on special roaming tariff. You can also pack a couple of adapters as the socket in the hotel may be different and it will be hard to find a suitable adapter in an unknown place.

Book a hotel

Before going on a trip book a hotel room. You can easily do it online. Provide the number of people staying at the hotel and the exact time and date of your arrival. Don’t forget to discuss the payment method. You can pay using your credit card or bank payment. When you arrive put your valuables (if you have any) in a safe and enjoy your vacation. Make sure you have free Wi-Fi. If you have to buy Wi-Fi cards it can be quite expensive.